Monday, May 14, 2007

dress update and engagement pictures

i had been trying to find that dress for less but for the longest time, i didn't even know the maker. i was seriously about to just order it from The Dresser, but one day, i was browsing through another bridal magazine and found a picture of my dress! and clear as day, it stated the designer/manufacturer. so i finally had something to search with! as soon as i got home, i got straight on the internet and found the $1500 dress for 1170! a week later, i called Pearl's Place, a store in new orleans and oh my god, they have it for 817. i was so in shock that when the guy told me the price quote, i responded with "dollars?!" and then i thought, aughh, they probably make their money in shipping, so i asked how much for shipping, and he just goes "12". and in my head, i thought, "thousand? no, that's absurd. hundred?... no. that doesn't make sense." so i asked again, "dollars?!" and the guy says yes in a very stern manner. so i was like, "to california?!" and he goes, "Yes". he was totally getting annoyed by me, but i was getting so excited. and i trust that place because caroline got hers from there too. so i know they deliver. and deliver fast even. she got her dress in 2-3 months after her order. so i placed the order 2 weeks ago. and they said i'd get it in 3 months, hopefully beginning of august, whooohooo!

we got our engagement pictures!!! oh my goodness, i was so bummed out last friday cuz ups didn't come to our house. but then it turned out that they delivered to the wrong house! our neighbor from down the street brought over 2 packages on saturday that i was expecting on friday. henry and i were working a wedding on sat, so when my mom called me in the early evening to tell me about the packages, i was sooo excited and couldn't wait to go home! oh they look soooo good! i'm very happy about them. i was so happy that i requested for sillouettes, cuz i really liked those pictures too. my parents had a sillouette picture when they got married, so this is a nice tribute to them too. we're (he's) quickly putting together our real website, so i'll have those pics posted on there soon. hopefully by the end of this week! just in time for the save the dates... and yes, they're still going out, hopefully the end of the week. i really feel like they're so late because some people are making plans for end of the year already. and i wouldn't want them to plan on our wedding date. so that's why i put this together: just a bit of info so you can save the date!

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