Friday, August 10, 2007

parental involvement

it's so cute how my parents have been excited about my wedding details. my dad came with us to the tasting last weekend and at that time, i asked him to make the wooden frames that the drapery and hanging orchids will hang from as well as the trellis for our favors to hang from. he's very handy, having built many extensions of our house, as well as an elaborate tree house for my brothers, a gazebo for a spa and a fountain for the corner of our backyard. so of course, his role would involve building something for our wedding. we're having these little chimes made of bamboo that we purchased from the philippines as our wedding favors. and they will double as our escort cards with a hanging tag, so we need to devise a way for guests to be able to find their chime in an organized manner. my dad's engineering mind started cooking lately at how he will create this display and he just called me to tell me how much the large bamboo was (toooo costly!) and how he can make something similar and nice with regular 2x4 frames, and just adding the smaller pieces of bamboo. i can't wait to see how it turns out. but most of all, i love that my dad is involved and excited about my wedding! we didn't have a very good relationship in the past, but it's slowly but surely improved over the years, so i'm really glad that he's more incorporated in the planning now.

how are you parents involved in your wedding plans?

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