Wednesday, September 12, 2007

i'm the bride!!!

i've been planning this wedding for many months now and yes, at times, it feels like one of my wedding planning/coordinating jobs. yesterday, i felt for the first time, wow, it's MY wedding!!! I'M the bride!!!

Last night, I had my first hair and makeup trial with Lisa and Ona. It was truly a long night. I got there at 7 and didn't leave til past 11pm. I got airbrushed, curled, painted on, pinned up, generally purrtied up. Of course, I examined, and gave my feedback, and we changed some things, tried new looks. But the most spectacular thing happened when I put on the veil.

Oh My God. I'm the Bride! Meee! We took a few pictures and since it was late, we started packing up. But I didn't want to remove the veil! I drove home with it on and yes, at 11pm, I woke up my mom and asked her, "you wanna see?" with this excited glimmer in my eye. Hehehe, she was excited too, so she got up and grabbed her camera and I twirled around my living room, tossing the veil up, so she could capture that "veil flying" shot that I love.

my mom was a little slow with the shutter speed with this shot.

then she finally got the timing right!

And then she went back to sleep. I, on the other hand, knew that I had to sleep, but somehow, I was trying to figure out how I could do that and still wear my veil. hehe, i knew i really couldn't. so, very reluctantly, i took it off, and carefully hung it up. i did, however, keep the makeup and hair on. i actually wanted to see how long the makeup would last. so this morning when i work up and inspected it, i was glad to see that it actually lasted the 8+ hours since it was fresh. of course, it had faded some and the lashes were starting to come loose. and i'm sure there's makeup on my pillow, but overall, it was pretty good. my lipstick totally lasted, but didn't feel dry. and my eyes still had that nice shimmer. so i'm totally happy with it. but i knew i would be. i was very persistent in booking lisa even though her schedule is crazy. out of all my bridesmaidships, her makeup was simply the best. she laid on the lashes best, her foundation was nice and light. i didn't look like a drag queen. (i almost cried one time when i came home and my brother goes, "you look like a chola". nothing against cholas out there. i just didn't want to look like that on that day.)

here's an eyelash shot:

and a full frontal face:

i love that i have visible eyelashes now!

and a plain jane shot just for comparison (sorry for the lack of rotation, no time):

when did you first get that sudden realization that you were actually the one getting married? was it when you put on your dress? or your veil? or your make up?

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