Wednesday, February 21, 2007

let's go in on a pool

so i had my first meltdown yesterday. it was only 4 days into the beginning of planning and i already had my first bridezilla moment. i was thinking, i bet my friends can go in on a pool and bet on how many times i'll go off the deep end during this wedding planning. henry said 4 times.. a week! hehe, i said to myself 20 times overall. but i tend to underestimate myself anyway.

but good news!!!! father joe said yes to do our wedding! whoohoo! well, that's one thing that's going our way. yesterday was just such a poopy day. but i know it will all be okay. i just had to give up my stress and worries up to the Lord and i immediately felt better and relieved. He'll take care of everything. i know i just have to not be so set in some of the things that i want for our wedding. keep things in perspective, y'kno? cuz some things are really so small, no one will probably even notice. it's just that i've had my heart set on certain particulars since i started planning my wedding (waaaay back in high school, hehe!) and i just have to learn to let things go. *sigh*

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