Monday, February 19, 2007

really really? really really.

he wants to marry me, he really wants to marry me!

waay in the beginning, i was so scared about how this relationship would go. i was afraid that it wouldn't work out, just like all of the other ones. and when i found myself so happy being with him, i would ask, "really, really?" as in, "i can't believe we're here and so happy, is it really true?" and he'd just look at me sincerely and say, "really, really." and i'd sink into his arms in complete comfort and joy. (yea, like the christmas carols sing).

so we're settling on a wedding date and are looking at the friday after thanxgiving THIS YEAR!!! it's so overwhelming for me, but most of all, so flattering. i know he loves me, but i still can't believe he wants to marry me! one of the first thoughts after i got a moment to think was of disbelief, like "it happened to me, it actually happened to ME!" and now, not only does he want to marry me, but he doesn't want to wait very long at all. the only thing that seems to be hindering him is the saving up for it part. but he really wants to be with me and as soon as possible too!

there were times in my life when i just wanted the guy i was with to be committed to me and be first in his life, and especially when i put them first in mine. and i never thought i'd have this kind of love, where he doesn't just love me, he really truly wants to spend his life with me... and wants to start that as soon as possible! hehe! i'm absolutely touched and flattered, and really even surprised that he truly loves me that much and wants to start our lives together sooner than i even thought!

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