Thursday, July 26, 2007

my mother's wedding dress

as promised, here is my mom's wedding dress... and me, trying it on. it's quite wrinkled as she was storing it folded inside a plastic comforter bag. i can't believe it even fit me, as she said she was 89 lbs. when she got married.

here's the beautiful detail along the bottom of the skirt and the bottom of the arm sleeves. the pearl beading is wonderful...

so i'm toying with the idea of updating her dress and getting it made into a dress to change into for the reception or even for the day after brunch. i was already wanting a 2nd dress for the reception, especially because i want something that i can dance and move around in. i don't think i can wear it for the rehearsal because i'll be wearing something like this for the tea ceremony, which we'll do during the dinner. although, i guess, i could also change from one to the other on that night too.

and of course, here is my parents' wedding portrait:

they looked so very beautiful and happy. very 70's with the bell bottoms and the bell sleeves, no? i think the dress will bring good fortune and success to my marriage. it certainly comes from a couple who has survived many challenges through their relationship. maybe the strength will be passed on to me and henry. :)


Bride of Rochester said...

what a beautiful dress! what a tiny bride!

Caroline said...

aww! your mom and dad are so cute! love that you have your mom's wedding dress. it would be cool to modify it to something you could wear!

Cathleya said...

WOW! A beautiful dress that is still very much stylish! Your mom has such great sense of fashion...and you look great in it too!