Thursday, July 5, 2007

bridezilla moment?

yea, i think i may have flipped out a lil too much over this cake thing. but i also think i have some valid points. lemme just share my immediate reaction. this was from an email on the monday after the tasting:

oh i gotta tell you about the bakery appt. i was quite dissatisfied. i was already surprised at the lack of choices Rockwell's Creative Cakes (total misnomer!) had. they only have very very basic cake flavors, fillings and icing. and then, when i asked to do a couple of things out of their small box of creativity, the lady just kept saying, "we don't do that" in a snotty attitudy voice! i was staring at her, asking to color the bavarian cream filling in a light blue (put a couple drops of food coloring in it, dammit!) and after she repeatedly said, "we don't do that", she was like, you don't understand, we're like a factory back there. we just don't do that. and i responded with, wtf, (minus the actual verbal wtf) even if i'll pay you? (that, i actually said). then, she said (kind of with a huff), well, let me check. and came back and said $50. they'd do it for $50. aughh... i left there annoyed and irritated. but, that cake is actually gonna be worth a grip, probably more than $1000 with 5 tiers and 100 tiny desserts of eclairs, brownies, and cheesecakes, so we're taking it. it comes with our package. but i'm sooo gonna let turnip rose how we wre treated. i was talking to metzi (older dazer, also a pastry chef) and she couldn't believe a bakery would talk to a bride and tell her tha she's just a part of a "factory" assembly line process. i wasn't even offended by that comment, but after metzi said that, i was like, ya, huh?

i have yet to provide them with the design for the outside. but after researching a bit, this is what i like:

now, we'll see if they can/will actually do this shape. if it's just round, i don't mind. but i do like the design of the piping for this one. i didn't care for the quality of any of their swirl work. i figure dots won't be as easy to screw up.

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