Friday, June 29, 2007


i really have this silly lil thought in my head that as the bride, i should have all things white. white dress (of course, well, ivory, but it's still in the white spectrum). white veil, white shoes, white flowers, white, white, white. but esp with the flowers and the shoes, i'm really looking toward the idea of having them of another color. i'm toying with the idea of blue shoes, but this isn't a huge deal to me. the flowers on the other hand, i'm suddenly quite obsessed with. at first, i thought it would just be too much white, but then i saw this and it looks wonderful! so now, i'm torn between this white on white look (mrs. pootiekins) because i'm a bride and ought to wear white:

now, of course, exploring all of the internet has given me vast more options. i REALLY love this idea of a bouquet wrap. it looks sooo romantic and soft, like the flowers have a dress on too (courtesy of mrs. apple)

and the bouquet wrap really looks best with the dark red flowers. i could totally see it with a dark red flower in my hair. but do you think i should reserve that for the bridesmaids? and have mine all white cuz i'm the bride? or should i just get over the all white bride thing?

and of course for the bit (lot) of bling (from the knot):

so whadya think? go with the red? or go with the white? i suppose the white would be fine with the bouquet wrap too... help me...


Andrea said...

I like adding in a little color. I don't think it will take away from the vision of "the bride" and all that comes with it. I'll be wearing pale pink shoes and holding pink flowers. It all just depends on what YOU want :-) (found you through weddingbee btw)

Still a Miss. said...

I think it will all tie in really well!

Bride of Rochester said...

I like a little color as well-- I think it highlights the bride a little more, and I also think it shows up better in portraits. What every you choose, I'm sure it will be beautiful.