Monday, June 25, 2007

oh holy ......

i saw some countdown thing somewhere and we're only at 124 days left! that seems sooo low for all the things i still need to do.

oh but it was a very productive weekend. we've narrowed down our rings, and i really love what we've chosen! we're still shopping around for the best deal so it's not quite purchased yet, but we've decided on one, so yay!

bought all 5 flower girl dresses, plus an extra one for his little cousin so she doesn't feel left out. i have to change the sash and use the shantung silk i purchased in the philippines to make a new one so that it will coordinate with the bridesmaids. hehe, and they're gonna wear red shoes too! soo cute! i'll show you pics in a bit.

ohhhh, i went to my first fitting after the alterations! it fits my midsection like a glove now. the chest however, was still giant, even after i was wearing the size A nubra. i thought the size b was too pointy and large for me, but i'll be wearing those. she'll also put in another hook onto the back just to close up the chest area more. AND, she still has to sew in extra cups into the dress. geez! my aunt and mom who were with me said, well, if you got married after you have kids, you'll have boobs like these. greattttttt, thanks guys.

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