Friday, June 22, 2007

the veil

ode to anna's blogging style:
–noun 1. a piece of opaque or transparent material worn over the face for concealment, for protection from the elements, or to enhance the appearance.
2. a piece of material worn so as to fall over the head and shoulders on each side of the face, forming a part of the headdress of a nun.

oh my god, i finally found a freakin picture of a girl with her hair up and her veil on top of her head! and it's gorgeous! (click on it to make bigger)

i've been totally stressing out over this veil issue, cuz i want a flower in my hair along with a veil. but i want the veil to be actually a veil, not some piece of tulle that's stuck to the back of your neck like some sort of tail. for me, i think it defeats the purpose of a veil if it's not actually covering your head. but when i would try on a veil that i liked, it only seemed to look good with my hair down or half down. i really like the look of the edge of the veil caressing my face. i just stumbled upon it on one of my first times trying on a veil and i love the soft, romantic, traditional look. but it was sooo hard to find a picture of anyone with this kind of hair up/veil on top of head style and i was starting to think that it just wouldn't look good. now, thanx to honeylicious, i have a tangible picture of what it'll look like! oh look at how gorgeous it is!!!!

mine will actually lay more flat on top of my head. more mantilla-cut with no gathers at the comb. many have had rave reviews about and i sent them an email today requesting a quote for a fingertip veil with light beading around the edge to go with my gown. they seem to have great prices, so let's cross our fingers and pray for a good one for mine!

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Still a Miss. said...

I am wearing my veil on the top too. With my hair up. No flower but I love it. Good luck on picking one.