Thursday, June 14, 2007

the to-do list

now, i have a much more extensive overall wedding-planner type of list. but i was going a little nuts yesterday trying to keep track of all the little things that i need to do more immediately, so i made myself a list:

the to-do pile:
~ order nubra
~ blog, wedding blog yesssss, one less thing.
~ create invitations (as of yesterday, i have 81 out of 100 completed with the 1st step! i'm on my way...), take pix of wedding stuff. pick out perfume for invitations. yessss, another thing done.
~ prototype of favors.
~ research hair, makeup, veil, flower for hair, my wedding shoes, wedding jewelry.
~ finish bridesmaid gifts, determine flower girl gifts
~ order flower girl dresses
~ try on alfred angelo bridesmaid dress, just in case that lady doesn't work out.
~ buy cheung sam/qui pao for rehearsal dinner, tea set for tea ceremony.
~ find out about the dance lessons. check city of la mirada for classes.
~ formalize ideas and needs/wants with videographer, photographer, florist, dj
~ pick out e-pics for the poster
~ pick out epics to burn on cd for cousin to get album made in the philippines.
~ ask u. bobby jay to help us with photo montage.

i did get a few things done today. too bad they weren't on my list though!

the done pile:
~ scheduled meeting with the church coordinator to do the FOCUS questionnaire. you know catholic weddings, they have a grip of requirements. but, i'm excited about this one. you get to know the strengths and weaknesses of your relationship. and after all this wedding stuff, we've definitely grown, i must say. so i can't wait to see what else it reveals. i just wish we were able to schedule this much sooner. our mtg's not til the 2nd week of july.

~ decided not to have the main invitation panel dhl/fed ex/ups'd to us from the philippines. they got it done much earlier than promised which i was so glad about. but now, it'll have to sit there in pinas and wait for mamsie (other grandma) to take it back here in mid-july. it was gonna cost, at the very least, the same price it cost to get them printed, doubling the overall cost of that panel! when the whole point of getting it printed there was to save money, that shipping wasn't really gonna work.

dang it, is that all i got done today? oh i worked on our wedding website the other day... that took practically alll day.

oh oh oh! i do wanna say that i love my dress!!! i tried it on immediately after i got it and of course, as expected, the chest was like 5 inches away from my body. i ordered it according to the size chart, and according to the size chart, i was a freakin size 8. so of course, it's gonna be that giant. but it was the smallest size that fit my hip measurements, so it kinda makes sense. but i took it to the seamstress that did mina's wedding on the sat before i went to the philippines. her place is called amy's tailoring but there's no amy there. her name is tina. she took over the spot from someone who wasn't the real amy either. hehe. anyway, she pinned it all on the sides and it was a nice snug fit. i was actually pretty nervous about that cuz caroline was saying that her seamstress took the sides in but the front chest was still the same (too big) and she had to alter it herself. but tina took it in and it felt pretty snug. with the nubra and another bra sewn in, i think it'll be just fine. i gave her a break and said she can get it to me later, so she said the 20th of june will be fine for her. and that's next wed! whoohooo! so i'll have my 1st (or is this my 2nd?) fitting with her at that time. i can't wait!

next time i blog, i'll tell you all the nifty stuff we got for sooo cheap at the philippines. :) shopping was awesome there! except for all the mosquito bites i got from divisoria. poo.

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