Wednesday, June 20, 2007

note: i'm a teeny tiny big hooked on it's like the knot discussion boards where people blog about weddings and their ideas and post questions that they're having. except, everyone's really nice on it and aren't bitchy or judgmental. i was on the knot discussion boards the other day and although i've been at this a while, i'm not too familiar with the wedding boards. it took me forever to decipher the acronyms (PIB is not peanut in butter. it's Posted in Bio). but as i kept surfing and reading the questions and answers, it made me really afraid to comment on them! check it out, one poor girl asked:
Honestly, seriously...I used to bash on people about tulle and wedding questions but i'm at the point with trying to figure out my own decorations that I'm resorting these boards. I can't tape or afix anything to the walls of the reception site and think i'm gonna do table decorations and flower stands and possibly two arches for height in the room....but i have no clue how to decorate an i use the forbidden tulle?? any ideas...i'm so serious...i'm about to elope! TIA

btw, i dunno what TIA means.

some responses she received:
~ *sniff*sniff*

That cheese looks good, but it seems to be attached to some kind of wooden base with a metal frame and spring structure on top of it. Perhaps I should stay away.

~ mmmmm.....cheese.

Arches are gross. You should use paper bells. Lots and lots of paper bells. You could hire people to hold them. I heard Ethopia is a good place to find cheap labor.

~ balloons, lots and lots of balloons.

sad, no? man, i felt so bad for that girl.

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Kelly said...

Came accross your blog from a comment on WeddingBee --- and I couldn't agree more. I just started using the knot boards, and some of the people on there are just plain insane. I noticed that the local boards tend to be a little bit nicer so I stick to those.

WeddingBee is soooo much better!