Monday, June 25, 2007

the veil again

here's the response for the quote i requested:


Thank you for your interest in a Custom Bridal Veil. For that particular style (1SH354) - it can only be worn ontop of the head if it has a heavier, weighted edge -- such as the rhinestone band, or a lace. With a light edging, since there are no gathers at the comb - it tends to form little "peaks" right on each side of the comb when worn on top of the head.
So - to make this work - you can either wear the veil a bit lower - like this one:
mantilla style worn lower on head

OR - have a few gathers at the top on a metal comb. The little bit of gathering would allow you to wear it high on the head - similiar to this veil:
gathered style worn on top of head, front
gathered style worn on top of head, back

I hope this makes sense -- let me know which you'd prefer and we'll get you a quote!

what do you think i should do? my object for the high placement is really to get the veil to frame my face. but the one that's placed a little lower does that as well. i just didn't want any poufy thing that gathered veils tend to do. although the one she shows here isn't really too poufy, so it might work just as well... errr, what should i do?

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