Friday, January 11, 2008


after a long wait (not really, we were just antsy), we finally got our pictures this past week! it's all hard copy photos as my photographer shot purely in film. we also got a gigantor box of all of our negatives as well as the dvd of all of the pictures. there are 3 large albums with pictures that she selected and put together as well as one shoebox of all of the other pictures. dang, there were so many that we only got through about 2 inches of the shoebox pictures before we decided to take a break from them.

the most beautiful pictures were the most emotional moment of the day for me. and it actually wasn't even about henry and i. when i came down the steps of the bedroom suite in the hotel, my dad waited at the bottom and i remember that all i kept asking was is he ready? he better be dressed already. as i came down the steps, he held out his hand and told me, "aww, you're beautiful chay!" and that's when i just lost it... started tearing, had to dab dab dab. and he gave me a great hug. i wish that the videographer had been there, but i'm sooo glad that the photographer captured that wonderful moment. i think i'm going to take 4 of those shots and put it together in a large frame for father's day... i actually thank one of the weddingbees for that idea.

i brought the pictures to work today and it was so much more fun looking at them with other people! when i first looked at them, i was so critical and just dwelled on what items were missed or confirmed that there were mistakes here and there with setup and it just put the pictures in a pessimistic light. looking at them today with fresh eyes and through people who are enjoying them are really helping me appreciate the pictures and also all of the wonderful things from that day. all i've heard from people are how much fun they had and how much they truly enjoyed it all, so i really have to focus more on that and look back on the day with the joy that it was truly full of. :)

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