Wednesday, March 28, 2007

3.5 hours later...

duuuuude, we spent freakin almost 4 hours hashing things out with our first florist interview. yes, we already pretty much had one picked out, but we decided to try out other options to see if they'll compare, price-wise and quality and style. so we found one that one of my clients are using for their wedding and this vendor is doing some drapery for them as well as some lighting. so we went to check her out and it was quite a productive session. it was our first one and that's always the hardest because that's where you really have to choose what kinds of flowers and style... many of which i hadn't really thought too specifically about. i'm not super tied to any one flower or anything. i just wanted the flowers to reflect our colors. it was so hard to choose a flower and then to try to envision what it'll look like, then choose bridesmaid bouquets after, then the sponsors' corsages and on and on and on. at first i was being more particular, but by the time 9pm rolled around, i was just saying yes to everything. sooo tiring. so now we're debating if we even wanna go through the whole thing again. i think we ought to give our original florist a chance though, cuz we do like her style lot. we're just really drained from that 3.5 hour meeting.

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