Thursday, March 8, 2007

we got our site!!

yayyy, we got our reception location! aughh, what a struggle that was to make a decision and try to choose what's best for us and still consider the budget. and after all that weighing out, calculating spreadsheets, we still ended up with waaaay over our budget. geez louise!

but we're sooo super happy with turnip rose. they're rated the #1 best caterer in orange county, so i really didn't mind having just chicken. but since we were no longer having chinese banquet, henry was rather concerned about having good food that his family will enjoy. so we've upgraded to a duet of yumminess. sadly, no more chocolate fountain (even after i found a really great deal and price at amor chocolate fountains. their packages are a really good deal. the elegant package (3rd highest) is $750 for 4 hours with 4+ dipping items! but we couldn't bring in our own vendor as the location is actually run by a catering company. they wanted to charge us $3000 for a choco fountain. are they nuts? so no choco fountain for us. BUT we got a pretty cool surprise in place of it i think. they have these cute little chocolate covered strawberries and they're decorated like little tuxedos and dresses! how cute is that?! AND to top it off, they're injected with liqueur! yummm, looking forward to that!

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Jonathan said...

lol, from the title i thought you meant website =)