Thursday, March 15, 2007

5 weeks later

it's been a little over 5 weeks since we got engaged, 4 1/2 weeks since we started planning and by the end of last week, we had our [location] site (brackets are for jongo), decided on our dj, photographer and florist i think. then i didn't see my fiance for 3 whole days! i think we had a really hard time with it cuz when i visited him yesterday, it was like we hadn't seen each other for a year! we're counting the 7.5 months til we can just sleep in the same bed and neither one of us will have to get up at 2-3 in the morning to go home.

so yesterday, we started our gift registries. i feel like we really sucked at shopping. i know he feels pretty accomplished because the items we put on the registry are things we really wanted. but we only played with the online registry for only a couple of hours. and when i viewed it as a guest, i felt like it was such a skimpy list! shoot, and that was only one store! as a guest, i like to have lots of choices on gift registries, so i really like jay and cici's. they put down everything from napkin rings to lamps. so i don't really want to say where we registered yet because we're soo far from getting started. and macy's wont let you register online. you have to go in store... poo. and for another store, well, gosh, we were so tired from registering from the first store, that i think we only put down drinking glasses and just stopped.

then we talked about honeymoon stuff. oh so fun! we're thinking of taking 3 weeks off now. the way the cruise is working out, we'd only have 3 land days in italy. i hear it takes 3 days just to go around rome! and since we're there already, might as well see the other areas. i want to see pisa, and esp. cinque terre that jay, glenn and chris have told so many stories about. i'd love to see florence while we're at it. i wouldn't mind seeing venice. but that's much more out of the way.

a coworker was talking about how 3 weeks gets to be too much so i was thinking, would we want to come home already after the cruise? then henry reminded me of how we felt after 2 weeks in hawaii. we still didn't want to come home yet. so i think we'd be just fine with 3 weeks. i'm excited! i think i ought to learn how to speak italian though. i'm sure glad i took spanish in high school. hopefully that will help me learn italian.

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