Wednesday, March 21, 2007

honeymoon - check!

whoohoo! we got our honeymoon! my god, it'll be a lovely 3 week vacation! we're starting out in florence for 3 nights (taking visits to cinque terre and pisa during those days) and then 4 nights in rome. and THEN we set sail on a mediterranean cruise with stops to athens, mykonos (greek island), and egypt! yes, we're going to egypt! we get to see the pyramids and the nile river! can you believe it? dude, and the best part is, we're doing all of the hotels with points! AND my parents are helping with the cruise! it's going to be sooo awesome!

... hope work will let me take off. hehe! it's go live time for this huge upgrade project that we're doing around october. they better be on time, or they won't have me around. but 3 weeks, wow! i feel so big baller... but thank goodness for points!

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ANNA said...

let me know if you want any info on Italy!!! you guys are gonna have sooooo much fun!!!