Friday, March 16, 2007


i have 2 more bridesmaids, whoohooo! i had such a great time with lana, herman, maria and of course, the fiance last night! we went to palms thai restaurant in hollywood. poor maria totally got lost cuz she was testing out her new navigation system, which apparently sucks big bootie. but i'm glad we got her out of her cranky pants mood and had a great time with duck red curry, and glass noodle salad and tom yum gum (something like that) - you know, that really spicy sour soup. and at the end of dinner, thai elvis sang happy birthday to maria, yayyyy! happy birthday dear friend! oh and then, i gave them their presents. they were so cute opening them, sychronized with each other. but maria was so caught up in the cute wrapping and i swear, she looked like she didn't even want to untie the ribbon cuz she was admiring it so much. lana was sooo excited that she just tore through it, and she quickly read the gifts and started nodding really really excitedly! hehe! she kept looking at maria, wondering why she wasn't even reacting. and maria was just on the first coaster. she saw her name and she showed us, "oh look, it has my name!" and lana says, "yea, look there's more." so maria saw the "will you..." and then read the rest of the gift. hehe! awww, and they were both so touched when they read the entire phrase. and i was really really happy that they were really really happy to be my bridesmaids! i really just wanted them to feel special cuz i am sooo thankful for their friendships through the years. and they're so funny. they started making up phrases to put around the house for lana's boyfriend, michael. "will you... clean the table?" "will you... sweep the floor?" "will you... put the toilet seat down?" hehe! good times, good times!

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