Monday, October 1, 2007

it's moving too fast

we're less than a month away from the wedding. gosh, where has the time gone? wasn't it only a lil while ago when i just got this little rock on my finger? i knew the engagement would fly by, but i didn't think it would happen this fast. being a wedding planner, a lot of my own wedding plans have been more like the other wedding work that i've done. so when my best friend asked me this weekend, "are you enjoying your engagement?" i had to kinda think about it first. i mean, i love the details and working on it and putting my vision together. but most of it has seemed like scrambling and hurrying to get things checked off the list, panicked because we're late according to the timeline that all the wedding magazines and websites have set. it's been difficult to stop and smell the roses sometimes.

then there'll be those few moments, like when i first received my veil and got to play with it after the hair and makeup trials... or when we picked up our gorgeous rings and didn't want to take them off so we wore them for the whole day... these were the times when it actually felt like it's our wedding. and those times when he's holding me close to just calm my stresses away and then i remember, this is why we're doing this. to have this peace all the time for always. and i let out a deep breath and finally relish our engagement.

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