Wednesday, October 3, 2007


oh i had the worst dream last night! everything i love about my wedding totally went wrong! i was late to the church and i forgot my veil! the songs were sung, but not during the parts that jei and i had discussed. and then henry left to start partying without me while i had to stay at the church and clean up with my mom! that's when i got really mad and told my mom to call him and get his butt back over at the church. strangely enough, he came back with anna, chris & iya and some of their friends! it's strange because first of all, they're more my friends than his and 2nd, in reality, they're not able to make it to our wedding. soooo weird! and then my photographer came and i started to vent to her, except after she left, i realized that she's not even our photographer! she just looks like our photographer. and then my chest tightened up at the thought of how much we're paying our photographer only to have her source out the job to some look-alike!!! and that's when i woke up, thinking thank god it was only a dream! but aughh, it seemed so real! i swear i was trying to hold in my anger and frustration as all of those moments occurred in the dream. but in the end, i felt like my chest imploded. yea, not exploded, but caved in and collapsed inside!

*breathe, dorothy, breathe*

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