Friday, October 19, 2007

weather is clear!

oh heck yea! it's gonna be a beautiful day!

"delightful" it says! what a wonderful thing for a bride to read 8 days from her wedding. and the sun will set at 6:04pm, just perfectly in time for our surprise! i do hope everyone gets to cocktail hour on time.

i'm getting so excited now! 2 weeks ago, i was really pretty stressed, but now, as tasks get completed (picked up the bridal gown, it fits perfectly now!), i'm getting more and more excited! and it totally helps when i hear how people are excited for us too. i received an email from a client of mine who just expressed such sincere excitement for my wedding. and she can't wait for me to work on hers too! and then last friday, my dept at work threw me a surprise bridal shower! it was so super sweet of them and their thoughtfulness was so unexpected and appreciated! they got us the coolest gifts and i was totally floored at how many things they were able to purchase for the group gift! i felt so blessed and loved!

and yesterday, we finally booked our hotels in italy and we're so excited to stay 2 nights at these small seaside towns of cinque terre. we'll also be going to rome for 3 nights for our big splurge! thank goodness for points eh?

how can i not be excited?!

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