Monday, October 1, 2007

may i have the rings...

hehe, wow, 2 posts in a row! well, i finally uploaded my camera, so i do have more items for you to feast your eyes upon!

last weekend, our rings were ready! i really wanted our wedding bands to match, rather than have my band match my engagement ring. it took us a few weeks to decide on a design that we liked, but multiple mall stores and many websites later, we finally found something from novell. henry and i weren't really too fond of the basic plain designs. my e-ring is more antique-looking and although we didn't need the bands to match that, we wanted to remain within the same sort of style. so here, i present to you our wedding bands:

we purchased them at black starr frost

and here's their nice store in South Coast Plaza:

being that it's south coast plaza (in the ritzy wing, i might add), i expected the people to be a lil snooty, but they really weren't actually. the lady who helped us (forgot her name) was knowledgeable and helpful. and the staff were all friendly without being fake.

so here's my ring in detail:

and his ring in detail:

we both love the fact that his ring looks like my ring enclosed within the outer bands. it's like my ring is being *hugged*!

here's my e-ring together with the band:

see, it doesn't really match, but it kinda goes together in a coordinated sort of way.

i won't be wearing it together though. i'll wear the band on my left and the e-ring on my right. i wore it this way all day long on saturday. we were both really excited and didn't want to take them off. henry kept saying how weird it felt and how he has to get used to it. but he didn't say it in a complaining tone at all, more like a super-excited-little-kid-got-a-new-toy tone! by the end of the day, we figured we better take them off, so we can save the moment for when it's time. and when i took off the band and put my e-ring back on my left, my right finger felt so empty!

and one last picture of the very happy couple:

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